What Is Masquerade?

To those of you who have stumbled upon this blog and are wondering "what the heck is Masquerade", you've come to the right page.

Masquerade is a project I started back in the spring of 2012. Originally it was just a simple little card game but as I playtested the game with friends it became something more. They loved the quirky characters that appeared on the cards and the flavor I gave them. Eventually, I came up with an overarching story for the Masquerade card game and started writing the Masquerade book.

So what is Masquerade?: Masquerade is a book and card game that I am developing on my own as a 21 year old college student.

It's my hope that eventually both items will become popular and be enjoyed by both readers and players alike.

What is the goal of Masquerade?: Besides the above, the main goal of Masquerade is to create an engaging world with interesting characters for an audience through two medias that have never, to my knowledge, been combined before. In this case I'll be using a novel and a card game. From a marketing goal, the idea is to encourage two very different audiences, those who like card games and those who like books, to explore each other's medias.

What kind of world is Masquerade?: Masquerade is a fantasy world, though it is certainly closer to realistic fiction than most modern fantasies. There are no elves, magic, or dragons in Masquerade. There are only human beings and the darkness they bring with them.

The characters reflect bits of our own personality as well as fitting into typical fictional archetypes, they are gone into more detail in the book.

Where can I get Masquerade?: Well, as of right now (November 1st), the book and the card game are not yet published. I will be making the push for printing the card game on December 1st. It is my hope that by spring I will have a store online where interested fans can purchase both the book and the card game for a fair price.

In the meantime, I'll need all the support I can get to make this idea a reality. I feel Masquerade is something that can bring a lot to writing and table top games with its themes and the interesting characters. Masquerade will expand on the boundaries of storytelling when it is complete.

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