Saturday, February 23, 2013

Art Update #6

With the map done and the book layout underway, the request for addresses has been sent out through Kickstarter. Check your emails or message me if you haven't gotten the survey, I will need your address if you backed me up on Kickstarter and wish to receive your copy of Masquerade.

Other than that, it's time for a art update with our wonderful artist Deanna Vaida.

Enfroy: Enfroy is a man from the far south, where little is known about the culture there. As such, his choice of weapons are completely exotic, earning him the nickname "of the Exotic Blade."

The Black Widow: Not all assassins are armored men, some prefer a subtle approach. The Black Widow has earned her name by seducing men in Court and then killing them in their sleep.

Guildmaster Le'Blanc: The guildmaster of the league of assassins in Avalot, Le'Blanc is a veteran killer. He's quite skilled but longs for retirement where he can relax and smoke his pipe all day. 

Court Assassin Timm: Many assassins are hired thugs but Timm is a pampered assassin. He is under the direct control of the Noble's Court and obeys their commands but is treated royally for it.

Looys the Copycat: Some assassins use swords, other use daggers. Looys uses taunts and mimicry to lure his targets into attacking him. Distracted by anger, he can easily do away with them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Map of Avalot

Just a few minor updates for today. I've decided to start collecting shipping addresses this weekend, if you backed up our project on Kickstarter expect an email requesting details. Besides that, I'll be pushing to get the book in ebook and printing format over the weekend. Perhaps we will see the first printed copy in a few weeks!

Here's the sneak peek of the Avalot map promised to those who have donated at least $100 to the Kickstarter. It's my hope that this will be poster sized when we mail it out.

In other news, completed earlier this week was the Masquerade card game tutorial video, or the test run at least. Check it out and give some feedback so we can improve it!

More art updates soon for the card game art! Again, expect those emails regarding shipping info so you can claim your own Masquerade prizes!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Art Update #5

We're almost at the halfway point now, I'll be expecting the last 5 until 30 card pictures in the next few days. This means that we're making pretty good schedule and hopefully we'll see the cards printed in a matter of weeks.

I plan on getting shipping information from all the Kickstarter backers next week, so keep your heads up on your emails folks.

Aside that, I want to finish up all details for the novel this week so that it's ready to print. Card details are still being worked out, including the printer. But that should all get sorted out by spring break in March.

Now, you all came to see card art. And here we go:

Ghost the Silent Killer: Ghost almost never talks, she prefers to simply kill her targets and be done with it. As a result, she's one of the most deadly assassins in the game.
Mary the Shiv: Mary gets her name from the small knife she uses to slit between her target's ribs. Because she's so small and unsettling, they never see her coming before it's too late.
Thomas Two Strikes: Thomas is obsessed with the number two, and carries around two of everything. He was driven mad by the loss of his eye as a result of his face being uneven.

Walter the Brave: Walter is a lord who has been in many wars and earned several medals. However, what no one knows is that he spent most of those wars hiding in the corner.
Stay tuned for more updates really soon this week.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update for the Month

This isn't an art update this time, but an update for where the project is in terms of printing as of today (February 12th). We've done a lot so far including almost half of the card art and finalizing the card design and book cover, but there's still a lot to go.

The list is as follows and will be done by March:

  1. Finalize rulebook art and wording
  2. Finalize the card box art
  3. Decide on the card back design (See the Facebook group for comparison)
  4. Start filming How-To-Play video and put it together
  5. Get Kickstarter shipping addresses
  6. Decide on a printer
  7. Have someone read the Masquerade book to approve it thus far
It's not a whole lot to do, but there's some work that needs doing this month. Expect the How-To-Play video up next week, that's my goal for that. I'll do the Kickstarter shipping addresses for all my backers late in the month when we decide on the printer.

More art will appear next time as well as the final card design, hopefully.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Art Update #4

It's been awhile but then again, this has been a busy week in terms of organizing things. The work with the printers has been hectic, but thanks to my family things have been going pretty well. We may even be able to stay under our budget and get more decks printed than I originally hoped!

Anyway, onto the art, as I know that's what many of you come here for. As always, thanks Deanna for your hard-work:

Count Ida: Once a beauty, the Countess has taken to eating to distract herself from her long dead lover. She is also known as the "whale woman" to more of the crueler nobles.

Bishop Shepard: The Church in Avo has fallen on hard times as of late. But for some reason, the Bishop can still afford many accessories well beyond a clergyman's salary.
Prince Drago: The Prince of the Pinelands has something of an ego. His glimmering armor and smiling face hides the twisted envy and careless pride underneath the surface.
Gossip Lady Avelyn: Lady Avelyn is the worst gossip in the kingdom. She talks badly about others because she is far too ugly and has terrible personality.

Still waiting on the new card design images. Hopefully we'll have something to show you guys soon!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Card Art Update

Here's the newest selection of card art added recently by Deanna. She's really done some amazing work with the characters and I can't wait to see where she takes things next.

The Avatar of Festivals is a whimsical spirit that goes to parties disguised as a noble. It adores parties and the chaos that can happen during them.

The Barbarian Lord Jaroc hails from the cold north, where fighting and food are all that matter. He was invited to the masquerade merely to avoid conflicts with his tribes.

Beatrice Serell is a disgusting and hated noble lady in Avalot's Court. She's been through several husbands already. Many player don't like this card in the game.
Snivellous Feck is, like most Fecks, a massive coward. Though he is the head of his royal family, he hates making decisions and would sell his own mother to avoid being hurt.
The wizard Whitemane is a relic from the past, where magic and mystery ruled the land. Today, he uses what little power he had to manipulate the courts.
There are several other characters completed, but I don't want to reveal everything just yet. Expect more updates in the future, we're almost at 20 characters completed, a third of the way done!

The book cover graphic designer, Elliott, will also be working on a new design for the cards to match the lovely art being added. This month will be deciding on what print shop we'll be uses to get the cards out there. We'll be wrapping up all final designs, testing, and characters.

Hope you all look forward to seeing more.