Sunday, February 3, 2013

Card Art Update

Here's the newest selection of card art added recently by Deanna. She's really done some amazing work with the characters and I can't wait to see where she takes things next.

The Avatar of Festivals is a whimsical spirit that goes to parties disguised as a noble. It adores parties and the chaos that can happen during them.

The Barbarian Lord Jaroc hails from the cold north, where fighting and food are all that matter. He was invited to the masquerade merely to avoid conflicts with his tribes.

Beatrice Serell is a disgusting and hated noble lady in Avalot's Court. She's been through several husbands already. Many player don't like this card in the game.
Snivellous Feck is, like most Fecks, a massive coward. Though he is the head of his royal family, he hates making decisions and would sell his own mother to avoid being hurt.
The wizard Whitemane is a relic from the past, where magic and mystery ruled the land. Today, he uses what little power he had to manipulate the courts.
There are several other characters completed, but I don't want to reveal everything just yet. Expect more updates in the future, we're almost at 20 characters completed, a third of the way done!

The book cover graphic designer, Elliott, will also be working on a new design for the cards to match the lovely art being added. This month will be deciding on what print shop we'll be uses to get the cards out there. We'll be wrapping up all final designs, testing, and characters.

Hope you all look forward to seeing more.

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