Sunday, February 17, 2013

Art Update #5

We're almost at the halfway point now, I'll be expecting the last 5 until 30 card pictures in the next few days. This means that we're making pretty good schedule and hopefully we'll see the cards printed in a matter of weeks.

I plan on getting shipping information from all the Kickstarter backers next week, so keep your heads up on your emails folks.

Aside that, I want to finish up all details for the novel this week so that it's ready to print. Card details are still being worked out, including the printer. But that should all get sorted out by spring break in March.

Now, you all came to see card art. And here we go:

Ghost the Silent Killer: Ghost almost never talks, she prefers to simply kill her targets and be done with it. As a result, she's one of the most deadly assassins in the game.
Mary the Shiv: Mary gets her name from the small knife she uses to slit between her target's ribs. Because she's so small and unsettling, they never see her coming before it's too late.
Thomas Two Strikes: Thomas is obsessed with the number two, and carries around two of everything. He was driven mad by the loss of his eye as a result of his face being uneven.

Walter the Brave: Walter is a lord who has been in many wars and earned several medals. However, what no one knows is that he spent most of those wars hiding in the corner.
Stay tuned for more updates really soon this week.

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