Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update for the Month

This isn't an art update this time, but an update for where the project is in terms of printing as of today (February 12th). We've done a lot so far including almost half of the card art and finalizing the card design and book cover, but there's still a lot to go.

The list is as follows and will be done by March:

  1. Finalize rulebook art and wording
  2. Finalize the card box art
  3. Decide on the card back design (See the Facebook group for comparison)
  4. Start filming How-To-Play video and put it together
  5. Get Kickstarter shipping addresses
  6. Decide on a printer
  7. Have someone read the Masquerade book to approve it thus far
It's not a whole lot to do, but there's some work that needs doing this month. Expect the How-To-Play video up next week, that's my goal for that. I'll do the Kickstarter shipping addresses for all my backers late in the month when we decide on the printer.

More art will appear next time as well as the final card design, hopefully.

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