Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Artist's Work

There has been a ton going on this week involving deals with artists and communicating with people to get the Masquerade print out there! I would like to announce to everyone that we're on schedule: the card art is on the way--and looks spectacular by the way, I'll put up files as soon as I get them--and I just finished making a deal with a graphic designer for the book art.

First draft of the new book cover
The good news of all this is we're within the range of our funding and will have plenty leftover to spare on the actual printing costs of the book/card game. The goal is still March, an official date will be announce once the final art is all in place.

There's still going to be more playtesting for the Masquerade game next week to ensure the rulebook is up to speed in terms of details so that people can actually play the game. There will also be a how-to-play video in the works for reference. This actually ties into my portfolio class...

Expect some more updates soon with new art from the card game!

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