Friday, January 25, 2013

The New Card Art

As promised in my last post, here is a preview of the new card art for Masquerade, done by the wonderful artist Deanna Vaida. These images really capture the silly yet dark feeling I wanted Masquerade to portray.

Baron Radolf Maynard: The smug, greedy nobleman who values money over all else.

Queen Beatrice Dacre: The powerful queen of Avalot, her motives are as questionable as her heritage with a rivaling nation.
King Alric Dacre: The wise ruler of Avalot. He is seen as a kindhearted king among the nobles, but the commoners have mixed opinions about him.

Sampson the Sneak: A giant of a man, who was, at one point, Maynard's servant. He's now out for revenge, taking up the mantle of a thug under orders of a mysterious masked man.

More card images will be updated as the project goes along! More images for the new book cover should be coming up soon as well. Remember to check out Deanna's page as she's a very talented artist and will doing 60 of these images! Thanks Deanna!

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