Monday, January 21, 2013

Plans for the Future

Hey guys! This is an update on the blog after a little hiatus. I've been hard at work finding some artists to continue the next steps for the Masquerade update.

What about the Kickstarter, you ask? Oh. We got funded!

But I've not been celebrating though, I've been hard at work at the next few steps. Polishing the project and finding printers so we can get the game/book shipped in March. What does that entail, exactly? Well, here's the planned schedule.


  • Finish basic edits on book and rulebook
  • Find graphic designer for book cover
  • Find artist for redesigning cards
  • Playtest game to perfect rulebook
  • Get samples from several printers for cards
  • Get example of final art for cards
  • Create Plague Doctor card
  • Finish final book cover
  • Finish final chapter headers
  • Decide on a final printer
  • Complete final edits on book and rulebook
  • Get shipping addresses for Kickstarter backers
  • Finalize card box
  • Video tape a playtesting round and create a video for it
  • Complete final card art and put cards together
  • Get first edition cards and books printed
  • Ship! (late March by the latest)
Obviously, we have a lot to do and more may be added to this list as time goes on. For now, there's a lot to do in the 10 days that remain in January. The real work is going to be February though and getting the final art in place.

I'm going to need volunteers for more playtesting in the card game before we ship, so please message me if interested!

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