Monday, November 26, 2012


If you have been paying attention to the Facebook Group (, you'll know that as of Friday, November 23rd, Masquerade has applied for copyright. What does this mean basically though?

Well, aside from being one of the goals I wanted to complete before the Kickstarter on December 1st, copyrighting the game and novel is going to be what protects it should the project become a hit. Legally, no one will be able to "steal" the idea of Masquerade. Really anything can get copyrighted so long as it's an original idea and in fact I was debating if Masquerade needed copyrighting or not.

Combined with this blogs, which systematically dates each post, and my saved files I have proof that Masquerade is an original idea created by me at a specific date. No other person in the world should be able to prove me wrong in that respect. What copyrighting is, or at least the copyright I applied for, is essentially adding a date for the government or courts to refer to should there ever be a legal issue over intellectual property. I know that sounds absolutely complicated, but trust me when I say it makes more sense to the blood sucking lawyers than it does to me.

It other news, I printed out the first officially bound hard copy of the Masquerade novel. It's quite long and heavy, but what do you guys think?

With under a week left to start the Kickstarter, the only thing I have yet to do is edit the video together. That's my goal this week, wish me luck! I'll post it on the blog the moment it's completed.

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