Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Video?

So my main focus this week has been the Kickstarter page or more accurately how I'm going to get Masquerade noticed on Kickstarter. If you're ever been to a Kickstarter page, this is what the first thing you see looks like.

Boss Monster's Kickstarter page. Their card game is awesome!

As you may notice, there's the name of the product, the funding for it so far, and a brief description. But there's also the video taking up the majority of the page. This is what many of the viewers for the project are going to refer to.

Most Kickstarter videos last only 2-5 minutes at most because that's what many viewers only have the patience for. That is a very short time limit to:

-Introduce myself
-Tell the story of the project
-Talk about the rewards
-Explain what the project is
-Ask for help

Of course there's the quality of the video to consider to. I want people to realize that this isn't some company asking for help, this is a young college student with a goal to publish a unique card game/story. But that shouldn't excuse the quality of the video. Thankfully my school allows for me to rent good video equipment because of the filming majors.

This week I plan on writing out the script as best as I can and possibly filming myself when I return home next week for Thanksgiving break. Don't think the holiday is going to stop me from working!

In other news, I finished the box art and plan on making art for the Kickstarter page with it! Check it out and give me your opinions!

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