Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thirty Days!

It's not like going around the world in eighty days, that's for certain. Hopefully it will be easier, but I'm not counting on it!

So what's in thirty days you ask?

Well, as I've said in some of my previous entries, I plan to start the Kickstarter ( for the Masquerade project on December 1st. That means as of today, November 1st, I have thirty days to complete everything required for Kickstarter. Only a month...Wow...Kind of scary now that I think about it.

So far, I've started work on the eight steps I've assigned for myself by finishing up the card art and working on the rulebook. I plan on completing that by this weekend. I'll also be doing research into a Kickstarter page for Masquerade this weekend to boot. Busy me!

There will be more updates like this as time goes on. Look forward to them!

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