Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finding Editors

I know this was probably a post before much earlier back when I finished the Masquerade book, but I'm in need of editors. Not for the 49 chapter Masquerade book, though to be honest if you're interested I'll gladly take your help.

No, I need editors for the different writings I need to do to make both the game and the Kickstarter work.

The press release I've written for the Masquerade project has been written up and I've shown it to one person, my mom. Not that I want to insult my mother, but I definitely need more eyes to take a look at this considering this is what's going to grab the attention of blogs and newspapers. I've never written a press release after all, every pair of eyes that look at it will help with making sure I do this right.

The other thing I've off editing is the rulebook. If you check this link ( you can see the most recent version of the rulebook so far.

So, is anyone reading this interested in doing some editing? You'll get a sneak peak on everything I'm working on so far. Just give me an email at or comment on the page and I'll get right back to you.

Have a good Thanksgiving! Fill up on turkey.

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