Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art Update #10

Here we go guys. After this update, there will be only seven cards left to illustrate. That means, hopefully, within a week the cards will be ready to go.

The book has been approved and I will be sending for the final prints tomorrow.

So let's get this show on the road:

Chef Michaelson- This guy's model is the Swedish Chef, no doubt about that. The Chef came from the idea that assassins would undoubtedly use the food to poison their victims. As such, the Chef is pretty powerful but has low defense. 
Jester Foolset- I once heard a theory that comedian's souls are dark but they deflect with humor. Foolset was supposed to be a visualization of that. He's a self-destruction clown that plays with fire. Oh, and he juggles.
Butler Job- With the commoners, I wanted to explore mechanics that affect all the players in different ways. Job is the opposite of Foolset, in that he BENEFITS the other players. He's the sort of person who enjoys helping everyone because that gives him some fulfillment.
Mistress Eva- I don't want to say too much about her, because she plays a role in one of the major twists in the novel.   Eva is a beauty who fools nobles into spending the night with her and then robs them blind. Eventually, she abandons this lifestyle and opens up her own orphanage.
Serving Girl Emma- This character is a bit depressing. She hates her job because of how the male patrons treat her, but being a commoner with no choice, she can't quit. In a sense, she's the embodiment of the terrible lifestyle many peasants in Masquerade have to go through.
Hopefully, more updates soon!

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