Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Covers and Card Design

Here's just the quick announcement that the book will soon be printed. While we're waiting for the process to go through on creativespace.com, let's take a look at the final cover design.

The final book cover for Masquerade
I really like how Elliott stuck to the main colors of Masquerade, red, black, and white. It's a very simple and minimalistic style that I feel compliments the story very well. I look the blood dripping for the 'q' on the cover most of all.

Card front

Card back
After careful consideration, I decided to use the Masquerade novel cover for the card back. Adding a border made it look more like a card back, which I felt was everyone's initial criticism about it. This would give it a connection to the novel.

The card front is a cleaner version of the original design, keeping the wax seal and parchment look. This time there is more focus on the art, so we can showcase Deanna's hard work to the fullest.

We're just re-sizing the cover now to fit with the book. I'll post pictures of the printed copies as soon as I receive them.

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