Saturday, March 9, 2013

Art Update #7

With the book nearing total completion (just need to do a quick edit thanks to Wendy who looked it over for me), we can expect to see them printed soon. Hopefully within a week or two. All that's left is to wait on the card art, as I've stated in the previous post.

So here's the next update for art, lucky number 7.

Dame Sela- Her name is going to change. The Dame is every example of a tough guy who's actually a girl. She's the one who could kick every guy in the Barrack's butt. Except maybe Gunter Newgate.
"The Limper"- The definition of disgusting, the Limper is a tough soldier who has seen his fair share of things. His focus is defense, yet somehow he has managed to lose his leg and eye. The Limper makes a brief appearance in the book.
Princess Isolda- Another member of the royal family from the Pinelands. The Princess was secretly taken in my the Assassins Guild and raised to murder nobles in the Court with ease. On the outside, she's just a quiet girl with a pretty face.
Sir Oddo- The residential crazy person in the guards. Oddo is said to have a sad past, based on his insane ramblings, but even other guards are afraid to approach him and set him off. 
Sir Olaf- Another extreme in the guard, this time of gluttony. Often, Olaf is seen going into battle with a leg of ham instead of a mace. His hunger is only matched by his greed.

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