Thursday, March 14, 2013

Art Update #9

We're almost in the double digits for art updates! As for card art, there are 13 left to do. We're expecting everything to be ready before April begins, meaning we can ship the first or second week. A little later than I had originally expected, but I didn't count on finding an artist for the cards when I set the date on Kickstarter.

We'll get this done and it's going to look amazing.

Gravekeeper Anathema- Anathema is actually another character in the Masquerade book, in the novel he plays as one of Wymund's servants. But originally, he was a gravekeeper as we see him in this role now. Perhaps in future sequels, he'll assume his first role. We'll have to see. He's also blind, which explains the scars on his eyes.
Arthur Stout- Another soldier, only this one of noble blood, barely. The Stout family is a  rugged group from the north who struck it rich with gold in their mountains. This earned them a place in the Noble's Court, much to the annoyance of the other nobles. Arthur has decided he doesn't like the royal life and took up a job as a soldier.
Sir "Name Too Long To Say"- This character is a bit of a running joke  I made with how some medieval names can sound so extravagant and necessarily long. His real name is (god help me) Bartholomew Theodorothaniel the Third.
Guardsman Illbert- This short weaselly little guy is the guard at the main gate of the masquerade party. He's always on the look out and stops everyone he meets to inspect them. Really though, he's just angry that he doesn't get to patrol INSIDE the party like the other guards, so he feels he's missing out.
Wench Helga- The best way to get men to drink is to give them a little eye candy. The barkeeper at the masquerade party knows this apparently and puts forth Helga to serve the nobles their drinks. But so help you, if you touch Helga, you'll meet with the barkeeper's wrath.
I might post the new card design for the next update, we'll have to see when the next art update is though. Hopefully soon!

In the other news, I've been doing the last edits of the Masquerade book with plans on getting that printed next week.

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