Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hello World!

This is probably my first time making a real blog about a project I've started in my spare time, so I don't quite know what I should talk about. I suppose I should start with introductions.

My name is Michael Bujtas. I'm a twenty one year old (currently) game designer going through my last year in college. I go to Champlain College in Burlington Vermont, a school I picked for it's major Electronic Game Design, which is why I mentioned I'm a game designer. A large portion of the program I work in is focused on creating video games. Though making games is a huge part of my life and something I enjoy doing, it's not why I created this blog.

Something interesting happened this summer. Like a lot of college kids, I was bored and jobless despite getting out of school in early May and looking everywhere for work. No place seemed to be hiring, so I was forced to spend most of my side projects while locked in my room. One such project happened to be a story idea I had from my last semester spent in Montreal.

So I started writing and didn't stop.

Over the course of three months, most of my free time was composed of writing and compiling the grand story idea I had titled Masquerade. As of blogging, right now I'm thirty two chapters into the story and 84,000 words. It's quite scary if I think about it.

Since I've come this far, I plan on going all the way with this project and publish my book once it's completed. This blog will serve not only as a way to blow some steam and communicate my ideas more clearly, but also as a means to get the book idea out there and allow it to grow in popularity.

My hope is that someday, people will be able to enjoy this story as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thank you for reading, look forward to more posts.

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