Friday, September 14, 2012

What is Masquerade? Part 2

This might feel like beating a dead horse with a stick at this point, but it's probably important for me to continue explaining on my blog what Masquerade is. Maybe I'll go into more detail of the history behind it as well.

As I said in the last "What is Masquerade", Masquerade started out as a card game idea in my semester in Montreal.

Even if it's early stages, the Masquerade card game was a huge success. Nearly everyone spending the semester in Montreal had the chance to play it. For the beginning few playtests I even used notebook cards as replacement for real cards. I actually still have them as a memento.


People loved the characters on the cards so much after I added pictures on them that I began to formulate a story behind the game, besides the whole murder the king plot. After talking the idea over a few times with an online friend, who was also a writer, I eventually worked out a strong enough plot and gained the confidence to start writing.

And that's where...I fell flat on my face. The actual first chapter I hated so much that I scrapped the whole thing and started writing again from scratch. I will show you want I mean on the next "What is Masquerade" which will be coming in the future!

Thanks for the support guys, be sure to check out the Masquerade Facebook page. Take care!

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