Monday, September 3, 2012

What Is Masquerade? Part 1

If you're reading this blog, you're probably wondering by now what the heck is Masquerade and why is this nutcase making it a point to write about it?

Masquerade is actually two projects that I've created in the past year. One of the projects I'm working on now is actually a fictional novel which tells the story of a mute girl born out of an affair between her country's King and one of the servants. It follows her struggles to prove her heritage, and there's certainly a lot more to it than that but I don't dare spoil the whole plot here just yet. Rest assured, I'll go more into the juicy details as this blog goes on.

The world of Masquerade is an archetype medieval setting with a king and nobility court ruling the land. This idea is based off the second project I mentioned, a literal card game that I designed during my semester in Montreal last year.

(Examples of cards in Masquerade)

As you all may know, I'm studying to be a game designer and one of the assignments I had given myself for school was the idea of a simple game with deception and mayhem as the main mechanic. I thought of creating a game where the sole purpose of everyone playing was to assassinate a single card in the deck. Obviously, the game evolved from there, growing in complexity with each new play-through, and eventually I ended up with a card game I titled Masquerade.

The card game Masquerade is still in production as I attempt to balance some of the more glaring issues with the game. You can call it an improvement on my first card game I made for a school assignment titled Ripper (see picture below).

(The two other designers I worked with playing a game of Ripper)

Whew, I feel like that's a lot of information to give for starters. I'll go into even more detail about the card game and the story of Masquerade in future posts. If you're curious about some of my other game projects, please feel free to check out my portfolio here (

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