Monday, October 8, 2012

Bloody Christmas Contest!

To increase the hype for the Masquerade card game, I'm throwing a little contest for people to enter! Introducing the Bloody Christmas Contest!

The prize is a chance to create your very own Masquerade card that will be in the final game! (Within reason)

The rules are simple, in case you can't read the picture, you must get as many people to like the Masquerade Facebook page (besides yourself). Whenever one of your friends likes the page, send me an email ( and I will keep track of your tally.

A leaderboard will be posted on the Facebook Group ( at the start of every week until Christmas, upon which the winner will be decided and contacted.

I don't expect this to be that huge a thing but let's see how this turns out!

The winner will get to design their own card with me which will be in the final print out of the game, including name, art, and stats. The card must be within reasonable balance, no instant winning cards, so don't get any funny ideas!

Please contact me if you have any questions! Try to have fun with it!

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