Thursday, October 11, 2012

Concerns about the Contest

Hey guys, this is going to be one of the rare updates where I actually talk about my thoughts on some stuff.

After seeing how the contest has been going so far, I'm concerned that at this rate there will be no winner! Sure, people have been liking the page more but there have been no emails from anyone. Therefore, I'm considering changing the rules a bit but I need to give it some more thought. I'd like to make it so that people can easily do whatever the requirement of the contest is while at the same time encouraging the popularity of Masquerade.

Maybe I can have a contest where whoever designs the best card wins? It's something more doable and doesn't require that you get your friends to like the page but it might spark some interest with people to take a look at the page.

Besides all that, I'm working with some web majors to design Masquerade's new website. I don't have a picture of it yet, but I promise you all later this week I will show you what I have in mind.

Just a brief update, I suppose. Today I go to talk to my college's marketing head about copyrighting the game, so wish me luck on that!

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